Extra-Curricular Activities

Academic lessons finish at 3.00 pm and after a short break our extra-curricular enrichment programme is available on most days and we encourage all students to stay for this programme. 

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities ranging from indoor and outdoor sports to music and dance lessons. We also provide Science and Cultural activities and also use this time for extra lessons in English and Chinese. Your child will have the opportunity to experience many different extra-curricular activities during their time at Oxbridge School including Various Sports clubs, Piano, Vocal and Instrumental lessons, Dance classes, Chess, Snooker, RoboCode club, Rainbow Drawing, and Paper Cutting, Basketball, Japanese language, and Calligraphy.  We are always looking to cater to our student needs and interests so each term new activities can be arranged.

Music Lessons

Students can take individual music lessons on most instruments in our dedicated music room or learn on the Grand Piano in the Assembly Hall from our team of visiting music teachers and there will be a number of performance opportunities in the school year.

Educational Visits

Our students will visit museums, galleries, and places of interest outside the School to further enhance their learning and we will also welcome guest speakers who can share their different cultures, professions, and experiences with the students.