The English curriculum encompasses the following key skills: reading, spelling, creative writing, grammar, comprehension, library skills, speaking, listening, and handwriting. The objective is for the students to finish Oxbridge School with a broad understanding and enjoyment of the English language. 

We place particular importance on phonics, and a distinctive feature of the British National Curriculum is the Phonics assessment at the end of Year 1 which provides a precise indication of student achievement. In addition to regular internal assessments, English is formally assessed at the end of Key Stage 1 (end of Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (end of Year 6).

The curriculum is based on the Read Write Inc. approach which covers and significantly extends the English national curriculum objectives. Students will be exposed to high-quality texts which they will orally rehearse and imitate before creating their own pieces based on those language patterns.

English skills are embedded within different areas of the curriculum to provide a broad exposure to the language.

We will include Library and information skills so that our students can effectively use our new school library.