Listen to Our Community

We care for every member of our Oxbridge community and every voice means a lot to us. We are so glad to hear so much positive feedback from our students, parents, and staff! 

"Xandyr's love and confident use of phonics is a direct result from being in a small size class with caring and patient staff who have the time to focus on his unique needs as a student. He loves going to school and takes great delight in regaling us with his learning adventures." – Dr M, current Year 3 parent

"THANK YOU for being such a wonderful place with excellent teachers who help a lot."–  Ms L, current Year 6 parent

“Our two boys have since joined Oxbridge develop extensively their learning and curiosity paired with looking forward to going to school, every day. The personal attention is second to none.”  – Mr K, current Year 2 and 5 parent

“Our daughter Alesha has attended Oxbridge for one year. She has grown in confidence and now excels in all her subjects. The teachers are kind and professional and I agree with Alesha; It's the best school she has ever been to.” – Mr C, current parent



Sharing by Mr. M (Oxbridge School Parent)

Sharing by Ms. A (Oxbridge School Parent)