Why Choose Oxbridge School?  

Oxbridge School is devoted to helping parents find what they are looking for in an independent school. We understand that choosing the appropriate school can be a daunting experience,  and there are many factors to consider including the quality of education, the commitment and qualifications of the teachers, class sizes, curriculum choice, and the academic environment.

  • At Oxbridge, we guarantee deliberately small class sizes.
  • Our high-quality teaching staff are carefully chosen to ensure they have the skills to bring out the best in your son or daughter. Our classroom teaching specialists are all experienced in teaching the UK Curriculum and are experienced and well-qualified. 
  • Our school provides excellent, modern, teaching facilities.
  • Our tuition is based upon the highly respected National Curriculum of England and Wales and enhanced with wider educational opportunities and a great variety of extra-curricular provision.
  • We have an inclusive admissions policy and want to help your child achieve their very best.