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Salary: a competitive package is offered
Location: Hong Kong

Oxbridge School is a private school with an international community of over 25 student nationalities, located in Hong Kong. We provide an ambitious and challenging education for children following the British national curriculum. Our mission is to guide our students to fulfill their full academic potential while developing confidence and leadership through the challenges and enjoyment of sports, music, art, and many other extra-curricular activities. We offer small class sizes of around 15 students in a class.


We are looking for additional teaching staff to join our expanding school. Ideally, you should be an experienced teacher of lower secondary students, with a specialism in one area and the ability to offer other subjects too.


Role Description

This is a full-time on-site role. You will be responsible for creating and delivering engaging lessons that inspire students to achieve their academic and personal goals. If you are interested in an extended role, you will be leading and managing a team of teachers, motivating and supporting them to achieve high teaching standards while ensuring that our students receive an outstanding education.


The purpose of this job description is to outline the main responsibilities of the Class Teacher. It is not restrictive and includes any other reasonable requests that may arise. The Class Teacher is a full-time teaching position. The safety and well-being of the children in Oxbridge School are paramount at all times and the Class Teacher’s responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of the children for whom they are responsible, or with whom they come into contact, will be to adhere to and ensure compliance with the School’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy at all times. 




The Class Teacher is directly responsible to the Principal and other relevant staff

Be fully responsible for a class: 

To have a clear understanding of the British National curriculum.

Carry out assessments in line with School policies.

Produce Short/Medium/Long Term teaching plans in accordance with Oxbridge School guidelines, ensuring relevant deadlines are met.

Liaise with relevant staff regarding cross-curricular subject matter.

To ensure that lessons are well prepared, efficiently resourced, and appropriate to the ability level of the pupils in question.

To teach pupils of all abilities with commitment, enthusiasm, and a high standard of competence.

To keep a full and appropriate written record of work covered.


Attend courses to keep self and staff informed of further developments.

Attend all staff meetings and training days as required.

To ensure that the classroom is an attractive, organized, and stimulating working environment with relevant and regularly changed displays.

To attend meetings and other activities both within and outside of school which provide opportunities both for the exchange of views and other areas of professional development.

Attend/lead assemblies as directed by the Principal.

To keep up to date with school policy documents.

Attend parents’ evenings and staff meetings, Open days, Sports Days, Marketing events

Ensure individual reports are written for each child in accordance with Oxbridge School guidelines, ensuring relevant deadlines are met. 



  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Education or a related field
  • A recognized certification in teaching (e.g. PGDE, QTS) and suitable to become a Registered teacher in Hong Kong.
  • Experience as a classroom teacher in a secondary school following the British curriculum
  • Experience in implementing a range of teaching and assessment styles catering to different learning preferences
  • Excellent communication skills with students, colleagues, and parents
  • A passion for education and a commitment to our school values
  • Strong organisational skills, attention to detail, and time management to facilitate efficient and effective planning, assessment, and reporting
  • Experience in promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children
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Oxbridge British School provides a broad, ambitious, and challenging education for children from Year 1 to Year 8 and beyond in deliberately small class sizes. Each child will be individually known by the whole school community.

Based upon the internationally renowned National Curriculum of England and Wales, our outstanding topic-based thematic curriculum will inspire your child.