Creating inspiring lessons in deliberately small class sizes, our staff aim to help students of all abilities to develop learning habits that will not only lead them to academic success but stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. 


Oxbridge School Staff List


Mr John Shooter (Principal)

(University of Cambridge)


Teaching Staff (Full Time)


Ms S Shaw

(University of Newcastle UK)


Ms Amy Davidson

(University of Nottingham UK)


Ms N Lee

(University of Cambridge and University of Surrey UK)


Ms S Shaik (Year 1)

(University of Anantapur)


Mr D Chapman

(University of Leeds Beckett UK)


Ms T Liu

(University of Hong Kong)


Mr J Rainville (Outdoor Education Coordinator)

(Plymouth University)


Ms D Meetha 

(University of Hong Kong) 


Ms L Ho

(University of Teeside UK)


Ms Cheung 

(University of Hong Kong)


Ms Yu

(University of Hong Kong)


Mr N Van Zyl

(University of Potchefstroom)


Principals’ Office

Ms W Ng


Reception and Student Services Department

Mrs S Lau

Mrs V Higton

Ms T Wong


Finance Department

Ms Chan


Admissions Department

Mr D Li

Mt T Chan


HR Department

Ms A Chan