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After meeting with so many parents, I am often being asked why they should consider a British Curriculum for their child, living in Hong Kong.

As a global community, Hong Kong has many high-quality schools to choose from, with various curriculum choices. All of them with a mission to equip your child with future-ready skills and prepare them to become good, global citizens of society. 

Here at Oxbridge School, we fully appreciate that choosing the right curriculum is a difficult and critical decision. We also understand that, for parents, the most important thing is providing their child with the right quality education—the first critical step in ensuring their future path. What does the ‘right education’ mean exactly? What makes the British Curriculum one of the most sought after in the world?

One distinct attribute of the British Curriculum is that it provides a student-centred, personalised and well-balanced education. There is a focus on developing a child’s complete personality as well as academic excellence. Children are nurtured to expand their potential to the fullest by exploring the world around them, taking responsibility for themselves, forming opinions and developing independent thought, an ability to build interpersonal relationships, and nourishing their bodies and minds through activities such as sports and ECA’s.

Another key feature of the British Curriculum is that it is structured to educate students with analytical problem-solving and reasoning skills rather than by teaching them to learn by rote. Children will be readily equipped with the talents required to handle the world around them—one in which they have to adapt quickly, react to ongoing demands and new experiences, and be nimble with new tools and technology. 

Children grow up to be highly independent, self-motivated, adept in preparedness and with a more worldly way of thinking and open-mindedness to other cultures - fostered even further by the advantages of living in a multicultural city like Hong Kong!

Oxbridge School is committed to ensuring a rich, personalised, learning environment for your child. One that is rooted in the internationally respected National Curriculum of England and Wales.  Our enhanced  “Intelligently British” Curriculum is dedicated to providing a high-quality education that not only inspires a love of learning but also celebrates students’ individual strengths and achievements.

The British Curriculum is designed to cater to the varying levels of needs for each student, be it by challenging brighter students or supporting others with the appropriate teaching and learning methods. At Oxbridge School, we recognise that not all students will do the same work at the same time. Within each class, teachers will regularly allocate tasks that are set at different levels of difficulty. The aim is to challenge all students whilst at the same time giving them work that is within their capabilities so that each student experiences success. Our teachers will have different expectations of each pupil based on their knowledge of the individual students’ strengths and needs.

The British Curriculum guides students through a broad variety of ‘core’ subjects such as Maths, English, Science, and Literature, as well as the Arts, Music, Language and Humanities. It is divided into blocks of years called ‘Key Stages’ Students are expected to achieve certain skills at each Key Stage level so they can be prepared for the next year group or Key Stage. For Primary, this is divided into Key Stage 1 (for Years 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6).  

At Oxbridge School, the programme of study in both Key Stages is carefully planned to provide a range of subject areas in order to provide real-world contexts and empower students to be active in their learning.

Parents considering a British Curriculum will want to find out more about extracurricular activities, examine the campus and facilities. Families may also want to learn about what schools offer outside of the classroom, for example, the types of sports or educational activities. 

Physical Education at Oxbridge School aims to support the overall ethos of our school. By giving students the opportunity to participate in a well balanced and varied programme of physical activity in correlation with our enriched national curriculum.

The British Curriculum is a rigorous one and comes with a meticulous selection process that ensures the highest standard of teachers. Both the school’s curriculum and the teacher’s performance are reported regularly for each student and subject through evaluation forms.  This guarantees that both parents and children understand their progress at all times. 

This information is vital to help students throughout their primary and secondary years preparing them for the IB, GCSE and A-Level qualifications, with the ultimate goal of reaching the best universities, not just in the UK, anywhere in the world.

Parents will appreciate the thorough recruitment procedure we have in place for well qualified and committed teachers at Oxbridge School. Our teachers are experienced in teaching the National Curriculum of England and Wales and our Mandarin teachers, also dedicated experts, come from mainland China or Hong Kong.

Our deliberately small class sizes of no more than 15 students, ensures that our teachers get to know and nurture each student whilst delivering a stimulating, structured learning through our bespoke curriculum.

At Oxbridge School, the attainment and achievements of every student are continually reviewed to ensure that the highest standards are kept. Our personalised, innovative and excellent curriculum paves the way for students to grow as independent, resilient and compassionate individuals and to achieve their very best.

The best way to find out more about our curriculum is to visit Oxbridge School and see our bright new campus.  I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.

Arrange a visit today.


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